Intel 5500 chipset heatsink tuning, part 2


A little over one year ago, I tuned the heatsink of my Intel 5500 chipset using an old CPU heatsink and a hacksaw. I was very happy with the result until I decided to get myself a new graphics card. I wanted a more powerful model to be able to play games, but still with passive cooling so as not to add a source of noise to my system. Passive cooling on a mid-end graphics card implies a very large heatsink, and the Asus HD7750-DCSL-1GD5 I chose was no exception to the rule.

As soon as I received the card, I opened my computer case to install it. And there happened the drama : it dit not fit! The customized mainboard heatsink was too high and stole space close to the graphics card slot.

Let's do it again

So what? I grabbed my hacksaw, got the heatsink off the mainboard, and we're at it again!

I only removed the minimum required, as I did the first time, so as to keep as much mass and cooling surface as possible. I even had to fold a couple fins so that I didn't have to cut them apart.


Here's the customized heatsink installed. You can see there's just enough room for the new graphics card's big heatsink.

I am still very happy about the temperature, even more so as the graphics card itself idles at only 45C, thanks to the large heatsink, the 28 nm fab process, and also the improved radeon driver with better power management.