Wish list

I am working on many open-source projects on my free time. This includes quality code and user support, all done for free. Sometimes people are so happy with what I do for them that they want to reward me. I appreciate that. Unfortunately, I cannot legally accept money for the work. However, presents should be OK and are a great way to show your gratefulness. This is why I have set up this wish list, which you can pick from if you want to send me some present.

If you want to send me anything, just drop me a note (jdelvare@suse.de). Thanks! :-)

Hardware parts

I always need some hardware parts to fix or improve the various computers I use to write and test my code, and the network linking them together:

... or virtually any other functional piece of hardware you no longer have a use for.


I can't code seriously without music. The following albums are missing from my collection:






Thanks to all my supporters to date!