On September 2nd, 2004, I attended the first day of the Sucon, the Swiss Unix conference. I took a few photographs, which I am now putting online for the interested (if any).

Unfortunately, the camera wasn't mine and I wasn't used to it, so most of the pictures are too dark. My wife Karine did her best with our scanner and the Gimp but the result is still not so good. I'm sorry about that.

The Zurich railway station, as I dropped off the night train from France. Most probably one of the worst nights of my whole life. Couldn't close an eye. Some people just don't get that you are supposed to sleep, not party, in night trains.

Welcome to the Zurich Technopark, where the conference will be held.

The hall, where the registration took place. Amazing how many people here were travelling with laptops and couldn't seem to survive without an Internet connection.

Now I really wonder if that new Garderobe language will take over Cobol in the next few years :-)

Patrick Mochel on the state of power management on Linux. Certainly an interesting talk, but he was talking very, very fast and I have to admit I missed a large part because of this. I guess I must improve my understanding of spoken English.

Greg Kroah-Hartman, after his very interesting talk about the Linux kernel coding style. I was glad to finally meet the guy I was working with on the Linux i2c subsystem for months. The fun thing is that he didn't realize who I was until the next day - too late! ;-)

Enjoy the nice sunset. The trip is over for me, I'm working tomorrow morning, and must go and catch my night train.